Samstag, 30. Juli 2011

Yunus and his 15 siblings

As we had promised to Turan we go to his hotel to have a Chai with him. We really want to express that we are thankful for their generosity, hand over some presents from Germany and have some fun together. Unfortunately the bellboy tells us that Turan is not in Hakkari so we go.

Within seconds we flag down a Volkswagen Golf GTI - really inauthentic in this part of the world. Anyways we're happy to hitch with Yunus to Yuksekova. He seems to be the economic Mogul around. Speeding 130 km/h through the curvy mountain road he shares one joke after another, shouts at other cars and explains the meaning afterwards.
"Yassir Arafat!" (points at Kurdish farmer with long beard on tractor)
He also points at his village and tells us more about his family:
"10 brother! 5 sister! … Factory!"
Indeed Yunus' family seems to be ever-present: Every few meters we greet one of his relatives. In Yuksekova he shows us the construction sites that he is in charge of. It is important to mention here, that whole Turkey seems to be a construction site. In Yuksekova we have a late breakfast or early lunch.

Yuksekova Mogul Yunus.

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