Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

Pod, Prison, Porsche & Permanent-Camper

Toothless Igor from Slovenia has just dropped us on the gas station Sinsheim. Now he accelerates his big truck and honks loudly to mean goodbye. Sadly we cannot keep in touch with him - he has no mail address.

A van stops next to us. As the window goes down a distinct we see some distinct facial expressions. Or as we say colocially in German: "Bewusstseinserweiternde Substanzen." it's two hippies. Apparently they've seen our card board: "We are going to Pakistan." - "Whaaaat?" -"No, only joking!" Unfortunately we quickly find out that our route diverges significantly. Going with them would be nuts. Anyways fun smalltalk.

After a short break, on our way to the gas pumps we spot a Porsche Panamera. The guy looks like he's originally from a southeast Asian country: Let's try!

The story is really thrilling: Some short introductory phrases - "I'm just out of prison" - "We need to go to India, Thailand ... You are from Asia, innit?" - "It's better for you if I don't take you with me." - "You must know: It'd be awesome to hitch a ride in a Prosche." - "Oh ... The Panamera. That's one of the cheapest of our cars." - "Please convince him of givin' us a lift, please!" - "It's better for u I don't take you!"

What an enthralling talk. We still can't figure out what he does and why he was in prison.

In front the restaurant an easy-going guy says yes: Dario jumps in the back of the VW bus T3. Terk has a Nordic name, works as a teacher of geography and politics in Hamburg, drinks Club Mate (wantwantwant) and lives in the VW we are riding right now. After a while I get nervous as his navigation system proposes a faster route off the Autobahn. Before we  reach a parking we turn right on a provincial road: First problem!

Luckily non of us understands the navigation system which directs us back on the motorway.

Terk drops us only 2 kilometers before his exit on yet another gas station: Wunnenstein, 40 kilometers north of the Stuttgart airport. We're almost there.

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