Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Heroes of Cappadocia

Our second night in the hammocks is better, but still freezing. Tired,
we have a fast breakfast and pack our stuff.

After 10 minutes waiting for a lift, Craig runs to an oldtimer at the traffic light near us.

The four Dutch guys inside are fascinated by our journey and invite us
to get in, although there is no place left. We squash us between them and "join
the party".

For the third time we are asked, whether we are brothers or "warm brothers".
A village later, they drop us and we make a crazy picture together.
While driving away they shout: "You are heroes!"

Hitching an old Ford limousine with Dutch warm brothers.
It was just a short ride, we're still in Cappadocia. I will shorten
our next lifts, there is too much to tell about each of them:
- Mesut, a German-speaking guy on holidays
- Hahlet, quiet man without any English knowledge
- Kaimaluddin, a very friendly Teacher, who invited us to Lahmacun &
Ayran in Nidge
- Mahmut, sympatic Truck-driver, who invited us to Adana Kebab & Coke
(second Lunch) at a gas station
- Vali, who taught us some things about Turkey and Kurdistan
- Ghengis (Khan), open-minded, speaks English and helped us a lot,
especially with his Mercedes (~180 km/h)
- A truck driver, we forgot to ask for his name, told us to be carful in Iran

We get dropped at the fringe of Gaziantep. Luckily people are interested in people hiking along the expressway. They stop and offer their help:

On the way to the city centre we call Mustafa, our CouchSurfer in
Gaziantep and make a meeting point.

He picks us up and we are instantly amazed by his friendliness and way
of life. We arrive at his home at night, take a shower and offer him
fruits and nuts.

While watching RTL German Television (!), we talk about the idea of
CouchSurfing and he explains his new project, a
CouchSurfing/hitch-hiking tour through the United Kingdom. We wish him all the best for this project.

Luckily we can wash our clothes and can enjoy a good sleep.

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