Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011


Getting up early is hard, you can be sure. At 8:00 we leave the house
with Mustafa and follow him to his work as a customs officer. After
dropping us at the tourist information office, a smart lady helps us
to plan our half day in Antep in perfect German.
It's almost 38 degree Celsius and our skin is burning. We asked the
locals, it will even get hotter during our journey to Iran. A castle,
nice parks and a "big bazar" is on our way and we enjoy the Anatolian

At 11:30 Mustafa joins us and together we try our luck in a local
restaurant. The chickpeas, beans, bread and some ayran makes us enjoy
our stay even more!
Now its time for Craigs present: Mustafa drives to the most famous
Baklava factory of Antep! He talks a few words and some minutes later,
three big plates of different Baklava sorts are in front of us.
You can't describe how tasty they are! It's a mixture of pistachios
creme, glucose and caramel which form together the most delicious
dessert I've ever tasted!

Thank you Mustafa and Furkan for my birthday present.
And if that wouldn't be enough, Mustafa
gives us a present for our parents. Hopefully it will make it 3 weeks
through Iran and India =)

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