Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

Hitching Bus in Kurdistan

We follow the rules!
Every so ten minutes a pickup or a truck shows up, the soldiers check the driver's details and remove the crow's feet from the road. The soldiers come from all over Turkey. We share some fun moments with them also asking if we could take some pictures. Unfortunately we are not allowed to take pictures with them. Anyways I take a 3D pic of the gorgeous surrounding (including military perdonell).
We are invited to go with a commuter bus from a mountainous village to Hakkari. Hitching bus is bug fun!

Water. Shower. Life. Fun.

At a well we stop to enjoy the cold and fresh water. It tastes great. The driver also showers the bus. Funnily a girl forgot to get out. She's shocked as the first load of water crashes on the side of the bus. All laugh loudly and she alights the bus too.

We're dropped at a military checkpoint at the Hakkari junction.

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