Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

Our Hennessys - Social Sponsoring

Finally the requests that we sent out to numerous outdoor companies for a social sponsoring arrangement bear fruit: The small private company Hennessy Hammocks do what their name says: Great hammocks!

As we planned our trip and after having pondered with friends about the accommodation gear we finally opted for the hammock solution in favor of traditional tents. Reasons are first and foremost weight and versatility. Other nice aspects are the small and flexible packing, the small footprint and thus minimized surface that we have to clean or dry after a night.

We just received the shipment and we tried our hands on it in the nearby park in Cologne.

The hammocks are simply perfect for our tour: Weighing a mere 700 g for the single Hyperlite and 1600 g for the Safari Deluxe which actually can sleep the two of us. We ordered the Hyperlite in the asym zip configuration (zip on one side) that hopefully allows for a more controllable exit. We decided to take the Safari Deluxe in the traditional velcro classic configuration (halfway velcro closure in the bottom) to make way for independent exit in the center. In an asym configuration sleeping two, one might face difficulties to exit through the side. We'll post more videos once we're in a more exotic environment and got used to the setup ;-)

We are really looking forward to use our Hennessys - the best tent in the world and possibly a really cool hitch-hikers companion or as they say:
"It's a hammock. It's a tent. It's a chair. It's a Super Shelter!"
8000+ kilometers of Thanks to Hennessy Hammocks!

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