Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

Temperatures like East Anatolia. Chaos like India. Food like Malaysia. Fun like Leipzig!

We are having an awesome Asia dinner at Oststraße 56.

At 7 pm the first invitees - some fellow maths students - arrive escaping from studies just like me. As soon as there are enough people we start to prepare the dishes: Beni cuts mountains of carrots, Tito caringly peels potato after potato and Robert stirs the coconut rice. The air fills with the fragrances of the Orient.

Some friends chatter in my room with my favorite 'globetrotter'-playlist featuring songs from along our route and jazz, blues, guitar and hispanic music. Paqruete - an old flat share companion from France is having fun with Daniela, who will host Dario and me in Delhi thanks to her global studies year in India. There are friends from all walks of life. I love the buzz in our cozy flat share and apparently most of us do. But then: As I open my beloved anchovies pack the smell makes some escape the kitchen.
"Coconut rice, Durian & Rum soaked Banana Cake"
After roughly 90 mins of sizzling, chopping, simmering and crackling the dishes are ready. Quickly we set the 'garden', free the table of yesterday's beer bottles and clean the hammock.

Let's indulge!

For the dessert we have yummy hot banana cake - soaked with dark rum - with vanille ice cream. It's the most amazing treat I know! Only yesterday Mina and I tried to make it in memory of our trip to Centroamérica. Some also like the herbs liquor that we brought from Honduras.
"Global village at O56"
Now comes the best of all: The queen of fruits - the Durian. Some love it, some hate it! If you eat it in a Malaysian hotel you have to pay for three weeks because of the strong smell! The taste cannot be described - you have to try it yourself. Some Asian Food Shops in Germany sell it.


बॉन एपेतीत, selamat makan or Bon appetit!

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