Montag, 25. Juli 2011

Mehmet, Craig & Dario vs. Language Barrier

Italian looking Sami has dropped us at a junction on the highway just meters before a traffic light. We try to employ new strategies dancing and surprising the passing vehicles. Luckily Dario notices a truck stopping. As we climb the stairs to the cockpit I see locals trying to hitchhike: They copycat our methods ;-)

Mehmet is a fun-loving guy. He's travelled the world - though in a quite different way than many would expect: Mehmet steers his German powered and Turkish garnished Mercedes truck from Kuwait to the Netherlands and from Syria to Russia. Cologne is only one of numerous German cities that he is accustomed to. Today he is heading for the Irak.

We talk about many different topics (truck mechanics, Turkish-German relations, …) and also get updated about the sad happenings in Norway. All of this we communicate with hands and the few words that we know about each other's language. Our Turkish is improving strange situation by strange situation.

An entertaining ride reaches another funny moment as Mehmet pulls the truck over to get new breaks. There is a nice atmosphere in the big hall as we chatter with the mechanical engineers. All around the hall there are posters by German companies about different parts of the truck.

At the end we get a little nervous as Mehmet wants us to take a different route promising us it would save time. Later we would find out it was the opposite of time saving. "Güle güle, Mehmet"

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