Montag, 25. Juli 2011

Direct lift to Ankara

We got up very early this morning, there is a long way to travel! With
2 bananas, some cookies and a water bottle equipped, we stand on the
O2, the motorway to Ankara.

Waiting for people to understand our sign, suddenly a public bus stops
in front of us and the driver tells us to get in. First we hesitate,
did he understand where we are going?

But we decide to try our luck and we succeed: The bus brings us to a
better part of the "otobahn", where more cars join in.

5 minutes later, we're lucky again: A friendly Turkish guy in his
fourtıes offers us a ride.

Another lift, another great life experience: Ayhan is an aquatic
engineer and builds huge aquariums for zoos, hotels and restaurants.
We are excited and ask a lot of questions. He has to go to Ankara to check
materials from China for his new project. We tell him about our
experience in the water tunnel on Sentosa, Singapore.

Out of the blue he offers us breakfast and aims at a gas station.
Inside the flat building a huge restaurant is located and we can't
believe our eyes as we see the buffet: Seven different sorts of
cheese, large cans with honey, olives, almonds and mountains of bread!
We carefully choose our food and enjoy our breakfast with "chai" and
fried eggs.

You'll never find anything comparable in Germany!

As we continue our journey, the landscape slowly changes from green to
yellow as we head to Ankara.

As we arrive about 4 hours later, it's 38 degree Celsius, so we search
for some shadows.

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