Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

"Chürgen" Lift

We just landed at Attatürk Airport and our first thought is: How to
get into the city? We check the map and call Furkan, our Couchhoster,
that we plan to hitchhike to his place.

At the parking exit, many taxis desperately try to get us in. Out of
the blue, a transporter with two crazy looking guys stops and we get
in. It took us one minute to get the first Turkish lift!

With hands and feets we overcome the language barriers. The two work
for Europcar and bring cars from A to B. They stage a race on the
Istanbul highway! At one time they move the cars in a parallel
position and Barosch tries to throw a bottle to Ikram's car. No
wonder, that he misses at 190 km/h!

At an inclining street, at a traffic light, Ikrame bumps the car from
behind, makes an explicit gesture and starts to laugh loudly (lol). We
join in =)

They drop us at 4.levent, a Metro station close to Furkan's place.

PS: "Chürgen" means crazy!

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