Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

With Beer to Samut Sakhon

Beer and Craig.
No - U remember correctly - I don't like beer! But in his case I like beer!
"Getting out of Bangkok seems to be a suicidal idea for a hitchhiker."
The city is full of highways that are off your limits and BKK is full of taxis that make your task more difficult. Anyways if you use three different means of public transport you can easily get to he beginning of the Rama 2-highway bound for southern Thailand.
"I stood on the most stupid place a hitchhiker could go."
I toppled my own advice to others who want to try thumbing: I was barely visible for the fast cars and there was no real space to stop. But luckily Beer saw me and did a U-turn five kilometers down the highway to pick me up. Thanks beer! Yes! His name was Beer. A young tax officer from Bangkok. He took me 25 kilometers to Samut Nakhon and dropped me next to two police officers. Good to know: Don't try to thumb up rides next to police! I even saw one car escaping from the officers who had ordered him to stop. Wow!

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  1. Heya, Craig,

    randomly looking around for advice on how to hitchhike out of Bangkok I found your blog. of course (of course?) I'd seen your blog before, but I've never read any of it - looks like you had fun, though :-) then I'd like to ask you if you could specify the three kinds of public transportation you used to get your ass out of bangkok - I'm interested and I'm sure this article ( is, too :-)

    keep thumbin' in the free world! :P
    C. (