Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

Pocket Money & Ignorant Policeman

My Hennessy in Krabi.
I have just hitchhiked a tourist bus. Since it's bound for Phuket they dropped me on the junction for Krabi.

It's darkening already as I stroll about the market and ask a pick-up owner to take me. He is shy and apparently not going really far. Others board the back of the pick-up. People run around the market to help me. Finally a woman approaches me and wants to give me money. First I decline but after the third 'no' it's better to accept. It happened so many times now, that people want to give me money for a bus. The people around stop a public bus and tell the driver to give me a lift. Well I'm fine with that because I can relax a bit.

In Krabi I get a lift with a local police officer in his private car. He doesn't care at all about traffic rules speeding passed red traffic lights and through low speed-zones. What ever … finally I have reached Krabi. It's full of tourists. I ask some about the nearby beach Ao Menang. A Dutch couple gives me some useful information but in the end I enjoy hanging out with four young Germans in the local street market.

As it starts raining I'm stuck in town. I use the free wifi in a bar to write some posts. At around 1 o'clock I set up my hammock in a small park by the seaside to catch up with sleep.

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