Freitag, 19. August 2011

Pick Ups & Buddha

I'm looking for a coffee. The Seven Eleven only sell those cold canned coffees. I need a coffee that energizes me for this day. Krabi town looks like all towns on the Malay peninsula: Wide straight roads through between square shoplot blocks. One KFC. One McD. Many Seven Es.

Aaaaaah finally… there is a street stall. After the coffee I start thumbing. Difficult since it's rush hour. Most people want to go to work fast. A guy wants to help me and explains one of the modified pickup busses to help out. It's a short lift to the next junction. From here I get several short lifts with people that can't really speak English … always in pick-ups.

Pick-ups seem to be the no. 1 vehicle for southern Thailand. I enjoy the rides with Bon to Trang, with a group of female teachers to a private school half way to Phattalung, with two guys to the highway junction, with a couple to near Hat Yai and a salesman from Bangkok to Hat Yai city center.

These were the highlights: The couple Wit and bunya laughed as we found out that there where three different religions in the car. Some minutes later a member of the royal family was escorted passed us in a group of black Benz cars and police motos. Another surprising moment: As we go passed a temple on a road pass Ning lifts his hands from the steering wheel to honor the place with a 'Sawadee Gesture' - while driving!!!
Better I pray too: 6000++ kms without seat belt, on the back of pick-ups and high-speed mountain lifts deserves appreciation to any god: Be it Krishna, Buddha or Allah.

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