Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

Kalanshnikov & Poetry

We're casting long shadows on the burning hot tar of the Teheran-Shiraz highway. A pick-up comes to a halt: An old man descends with his Kalanshnikov gun and crosses the road. Sadly no space for us in the pick-up.

Two minutes later a big Volvo-truck honks and comes to a stop. A young guy from the passenger side asks us where we go? My short "Shiraz" is answered with a "yeeeees". Surprisingly Ismail und Ibraim do fast during Ramadan unlike most people we have met in Iran. Still they offer us nuts and water. We talk about life and love, cars and countries, girls and gas. They desperately try to convince us of staying with them in Shiraz. We have to decline that offer as we have promised us to Mohamed - a friend of our Isfahan-CouchSurfer Mohsen. Thanks again here!

Over the course of the ride we also show pictures of our families and exchange phone numbers. Ismail asks for a German number. As Dario tells the numbers he types them into his phone. Dario emphasizes: "It's a German number!!!" Ismail smiles and calls the number.
Apparently somebody has picked up. Ismail: "Salam! Germany?"
It's Moritz - Dario's friend - on the other end of the line. We start to laugh loudly: In the middle of the Iranian desert a truck driver calls a randomly chosen German telephone number. The line gets cut as we move around a big mountain. Some minutes later we alight on the fringe of Shiraz.
In the locally assembled Payand-pickup we speed to the meeting point: 'Hafazieh' - the tomb of a popular Iranian poet. Whatever page that you read in his books will give u a fortune - it is believed.
With a friend we have a dinner in a western-style eatery. We're looking forward to tomorrow: Mohamed invites us to play Futsal together.

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