Dienstag, 2. August 2011

Beautiful Esfahan

Our alarm rings at 9 o'clock and we need the long sleep deeply. After finishing a short breakfast, Mohsen and his driver pick us up and we head to the post office, where we would like to buy an Iranian SIM card. It costs 5.000 Toman, that's about 4€. We ask for the way into the city and Mohsen shows us the local bus stop, where we catch a leaving bus. We will meet Mohsen later.
Chai-Trinken in der Busfahrer-Baracke
The bus is empty, so we choose the best seats at the back. This was a mistake. While heading to Esfahan, more and more people join and a pattern comes to light: Men at the front, Women at the back.
Embarrassed as we are, we choose new place in the front if the bus. It's not on us to break the cultural rules!

Gorgeous Mosaic.
At this point another important thing: Today for all strict muslims Ramazan (or Ramadan) starts. They are not allowed to eat or drink while the sun is shining for 30 days. Many restaurants and shops will be closed and we don't know yet, whether this will be a problem for us.

We are slowly getting a feeling for this interesting country. Our first Farsi sentences are getting easier, I learned the way how to write Iranian numbers and the climate seems comfortable.

Old Bridge Building in Isfahan offers exotic communication.
We arrive near to the Imam Square. It's huge. Lonely Planet says it's the second largest square in the world and we can agree with that. Large grass surfaces, many fountains and stone plates cover a space, bigger than five football fields. At each side of the square, four big mosques reach to the sky.
In the surrounding gangway, a souvenir market is located. They sell everything: Persian carpets, antique ceramics and the local dessert "Gaz", a white nougat with pistachios inside. Delicious!
Surprisingly, many venders talk German to us. They learned from school and daily tourists. One of them actually could "jodel".

The sun is at zenit, as we meet a Polish guy, who does almost the same style of traveling as we do: Hitch-hiking and CouchSurfing! What differs is his schedule, he isn't planning to go home soon and he's run out of money.

Some minutes later a joung Iranian student invite us to his small home, right next to the "big bazar". We drink tea, listen to modern local music and talk about studies.

While discovering a nearby park Mohsen calls and we meet at a square. He and his girlfriend want to show us an old bridge, crossing the waterless river. We do some photos and have a lot of fun. Mohsen explains some history facts and some minutes later we fill our hungry stomachs beneath in the IFC (Iranian Fried Chicken :D).

Only at sone topics our opinions differ: Mohsen thinks not so good about the Malaysian culture:
"Two hundred years ago, they lived in trees!"
We all laugh and finish our chicken. After that, Mohsen spontaneously invites us to a family meeting nearby. Curious as we are, we accept excitedly.

17 aunts and uncles, many cousins, nephews and other relatives welcome us and we have a funny evening with great food, even better desserts and two parties backgammon.
Tired, but satisfied we leave and with a bunch of fruits for breakfast we sleep instantly.

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