Donnerstag, 18. August 2011

Lift with Military Police. Wow.

Lu Pot (name changed) is apparently the highest rank officer of the group of military police personnel. They notice me wandering about the beach. Lu offers his help. As he inspires confidence I tell him my needs. He's willing to help. After a short blah with his colleges he asks me to jump in the police car.

It's a short two km hop to a camp site. The old guy at the reception asks for 50 Thai baths. I tell my story. Lu repeats:
"No money? You like Backpacker correct?!" 
– "Extreme backpacker!"
We see a smile on the the reception guy and he shows me two trees for my Hennessy. Lu leaves me and I can merely manage to take a decent shot of the car. Usually policemen are not allowed to be photographed and I sense that I'm actually not allowed to take any photos on military territory. It's called Area Wing 5. I enjoy a very special sunset with a maximum horizon-to-horizon rainbow.

My first police car lift (police car on the road, left).
Good morning Thailand. Sunrise wakes me up in my Hennessy.
As I set up my hammock Lu comes back: "Hey Krag. You remember me? I come back because I have to see. Eeeeh. Do you have passport? You know better for me. Better for you. Better for Area Wing 5." He takes a shot with his mobile and we exchange mail addresses. From our conversation I think that if I was hungry, he'd take me to a restaurant. The people are so friendly!

I fall asleep. What a gorgeous place to fall asleep. Thank you Thailand!

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  1. hello craig -- hammock, rainbow, sunset... these are amazing adventures! come to singapore!