Donnerstag, 11. August 2011

Here the journey ends for Dario!

After 5.000 km in 21 days, through 4 countries in 2 continents our journey together ends here!

We will spend a week with our parents here in Mumbai and then Craig will follow on to Thailand and Malaysia!

We had great experiences, too many to describe, that we will keep in mind for our whole life. I can only recommend you: Travel the world, make your own picture of a place!

Hitch-hiking and CouchSurfing
are great tools to get in contact with the local people. They can show there city, town or village from an angle, you'll never find in a guide book.

Another number for you: Along our route we spend about 250€ for both of us in total! Thats about 640 Turkish Lira, 3.700.000 Iranian Rial or 16.300 Indian Rupees!

See you soon in Germany, Europe ot any other place in the world!

(all following texts are made by Craig, I have nothing to do with it :D)

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