Freitag, 19. August 2011


Thailand from a different perspective.
Yaaaaaaaay! Malaysia reached! (Sampai!) My second home! The immigration officer wasn't really impressed by my BM but anyways. Outside the immigration building I start waving my hand. I'm not sure yet if here thumb is a bad or a good symbol. On the one hand Malaysia is a highly developed modern country but on the other side very traditional. So better I stick with waving hand first. My first lift is with two young Malays who just came back from a shopping spree on the border. Apparently they did not at all understand the idea of hitchhiking because they drop me at a bus stand 20 kms down the road. It's a difficult situation because it's getting dark fast and I quickly realize that people in this area are too shy or even fear giving a stranger a lift. From above a whole packed Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant is watching me. The Malays are just breaking fasting. My mood drops as two cars didn't even want to put down their windows.

Infamous Cat.
As I head to the KFC parking a car stops behind me. It's a young Chinese Malaysian. He doesn't care I'm speaking Malaysian. We continue in English. He explains that he has lived on the tourist island Langkawi before so he knows about hitchhiking. Together we go to Jitra - a small city in Kedah and known as 'The Malayisan Rice Bowl'. He promises to come back to the gas station after work to see if somebody took me or not. Thanks for that!

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