Samstag, 6. August 2011

Sukria Sattya

With Indian Students in their apartment.
80 short of Agra we try to thumb up a ride on a busy crossroads - just like locals. Some hop on a truck, some get lifts with a shared taxi.

We make friends with a friendly guy: Sattya invites us to take a truck with him. He wants to pay. With five people and our two backpacks we occupy most of the truck's front. Over the course of the bumpy ride on jammed roads we try to call our CouchSurfer. Unfortunately we find out that he is in Delhi. Emergency situation once again!

We get off in the outskirts of Agra. Sattya introduces us to some friends and relatives. Excited they decide to host us for one night. Sattya's brother points at two motorcycles. We look at each other:
"Craig (!), we said riding  motorcycles is a no-go!"
We jump on the bikes and vrooom some hundred meters to a student apartment. Sattya proudly shows us a room. Other friends show up and put away their homework to make space for us. One guy brings a Pepsi - in this part of the world a symbol of hospitality and welcome. I take some gulps and then try to explain diabetes - dificult with only hands and gestures.

It's midnight. We have enjoyed a tasty snack and brushed our teeth. The landlord and ten young Indians with different levels of English from 'no word' to 'college English' stare at us waiting for something to happen. As we are really tired we ask them to leave us alone. Some more jokes, short blahs and shy looks into our dark room .... silence finally .... zzzzZZZZZZZ.

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